Check Valves

They are designed to shut off the pipeline when the pump stops. They can be installed on the discharge pipeline, both vertically and horizontally.

FPS-150 Fire Protection Pond Filter

FPS Filter is designed to remove mechanical impurities from mine water that disable gate valves, pressure reducing valves, check valves and other hydraulic equipment.



Fireproof Inserts

They are built into the pipeline and designed to extract the required amount of water and to ensure stable operation of the fire sprinkler system.



KR-150 Reducing Valve

KR-150 Reducing Valve is designed to reduce the water pressure in pipelines to 1.0-4.0MPa and to ensure their safe operation.


Mine Pressure-Reducing Equipment

It is designed to reduce water pressure in underground mine fire water and irrigation pipelines. Long service life and reliability of operation are achieved through the manufacture of the main parts from high-strength stainless steels.

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