Anchor Washer



The spherical nut is a part of the anchor support and it serves for installing and tensioning the anchor.



The cable anchor is used for a two-level fastening pattern together with the first level anchors, as well as for combined with other types of support.



Rope runner is used in conjunction with anchor support as a supporting element for supporting the roof and sides of mine workings in mines and ore mines that have significant irregularities on the surface of the contour.



Anchor support made of reinforcing bars of a screw profile is designed for fastening the roof, sides, and soil of mine workings of mines and ore mines. The anchor is fixed in the borehole using ampules based on polyester resins and/or mineral compounds. The diameter of the anchor rod can be 16, 18, 20, 22, and 25mm.



Polymer ampules are used for chemical fastening of anchors in the roof, sides, and soil of mine workings and ore mines, as well as in metro construction, construction of tunnels, foundations, and other structures.


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