Our company provides services for the repair of electric engines and electrical equipment of varying degrees of complexity.

The repair and restoration of the electric motor allows you to save up to 90% of the service life after the overhaul of the electric engine carried out by us.

A closed production cycle, which allows us to provide all the necessary process operations at our own production site, has been organized.


  • Disassembly, assembly, annealing;
  • Impregnation by vacuum injection method;
  • Overhaul of stator and rotor windings with replacement of electric engine sections (winding, stretching, insulation);
  • Reconstruction of blasting surfaces;
  • Restoration of bearing seats on shafts and bearing shields;
  • Balancing of rotors on state-of-art equipment;
  • Refilling of rotors (aluminum winding); manufacturing of copper-brass rotor winding;

The priority of our work is quality, therefore, at each stage of the work, quality control and acceptance tests are carried out on a certified modern test bench.


Sections of our own production for the repair of electric engines:




Секции собственного производства для ремонта электродвигателей:

Rotary, stator iron:

Installation of vacuum impregnation:

New balancing machine:


Finished products:

Today, our company is ready to offer repair of electric engines of any complexity for all industries.

We carry out major overhauls with replacement of the main components, if necessary: stator and rotor magnetic circuits, rotor shaft, bearing shields, windings, for the following types of motors:


  • Repair of electric engines of general industrial design;
  • Repair of explosion-proof electric engines;
  • Repair of explosion-proof mining shearer drive engines;
  • Repair of high-voltage asynchronous electric engines;
  • Repair of high-voltage asynchronous electric motors of explosion-proof design;
  • Repair of asynchronous electric motors with a phase rotor;
  • Repair of traction engines;
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