Rollers and roller supports are one of the key components of a conveyor belt. With the rollers running optimally, the conveyor will operate as planned.

Well-designed rollers are extremely important. In order to produce rollers of the highest quality, it is necessary to accurately calculate the dimensions, to select the best materials, and to use a precise assembly and an installation system. The vast experience of OSK Technology allows for a deep understanding of the parameters involved in the production of rollers for various applications and working conditions.

We produce rollers of the following types:

Medium rollers

They are designed for use in standard operating conditions. Low friction and low wear rates provide satisfying results: low energy consumption and reduced noise level. Moreover, an advanced sealing system ensures the rollers are durable.

Rugged rollers

They are suitable for high load conditions and high speeds. Rugged rollers offer the same benefits as the medium rollers. Moreover, their robust yet lightweight construction allows the conveyor to withstand very high loads.

String roller supports

Suspension systems, also referred to as "strings", are typically used to transport larger materials using belts capable of withstanding high loads, as this system allows for increased belt scope and speed. Due to their special connection method, the suspension systems can adapt to the shape of the material, reducing the load on the belt and rollers, which facilitates transportation and significantly increases the life of the rollers.

The main advantage of using this system is that the roller strings can oscillate both longitudinally (in the direction of material transport) and transversely, which absorbs the load and prolongs the life of the belt and the rollers.

The main advantages of the suspension system over rigid supports are as follows:

  • Better dynamic load absorption.
  • The best positioning of the load in the middle of the belt.
  • Higher lifting capacity.
  • Higher transport speed.
  • Reduced construction weight.
  • Improved belt layout.






The rollers are designed to support the belt strands in the belt conveyors. The rollers and roller supports are installed on the elements of the conveyor train with the possibility of adjusting their position in the horizontal plane relative to the normal to the longitudinal axis of the train.

Our rollers are used for conveyors operating in the harsh conditions of ore and coal mines, including mines hazardous in terms of methane and coal dust, for quarries and processing plants, fuel recovery from thermal power plants and coke plants, facilities of metallurgical enterprises, ports.

The rollers are made with three shaft designs: with a through flat at the ends, with a blind flat at the ends, and with a hole. Optionally, you can order a version with shock-absorbing rings. The length of the shaft and the shell can be manufactured both in accordance with the specifications and the customer's dimensions.






Роликовая гирлянда - подвесная роликоопора, предназначенная для установки на подвесных канатно-тросовых конвейерах при транспортировки крупнокусковых грузов. Эти роликоопоры имеют большие преимущества перед жесткими: если величина крутящего момента, воспринимаемая подшипниковым узлом при воздействии внешней нагрузки в пределах 1,0…4,0 кН, для ролика на жесткой опоре составляет 7 ... 35 Нм, то для ролика с упругим элементом (гирлянда) - всего 0,2 ... 1,2 Нм. Это значительно увеличивает ресурс подшипника. 

Гибкие элементы примерно вдвое снижают динамические нагрузки на ленту, что позволяет увеличить скорость движения ленты  в 1,4-1,5 раза. Выпускается гирлянда с различным количеством роликов (2-х ,3-х роликовые) и углом наклона по заявке заказчика. 

Конструкция гирлянды позволяет снизить динамические нагрузки, дает возможность центровки транспортерной ленты, удобна при монтажных и демонтажных работах. Широко применяется в угольной промышленности.


Roller string is a suspended roller support designed for installation on suspended cable-rope conveyors when transporting large pieces of cargo. These roller supports have great advantages over rigid ones: if the value of the torque perceived by the bearing unit when exposed to an external load is within 1.0 ... 4.0kN, for a roller on a rigid support it is 7 ... 35Nm, then for a roller with an elastic element (string) it is only 0.2 ... 1.2Nm. This significantly increases the bearing life.

Flexible elements approximately halve the dynamic loads on the belt, which makes it possible to increase the belt speed by 1.4-1.5 times. A string is produced with a different number of rollers (2, 3 rollers) and an angle of inclination at the request of the customer.

The design of the string allows reducing dynamic loads, makes it possible to center the conveyor belt, and it is convenient for assembly and disassembly. It is widely used in the coal industry.


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